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QV Picks: March 2018

Welcome to QV Picks!

Each month we bring you books, podcasts, TV series, music - anything that is capturing the attention of the faculty and staff at QV. We love to chat about the subjects that interest us, so track us down if you love our pick!

March 2018 Picks


Picked by Andy Morrison

Book: Influence: the psychology of persuasion

The three-body problem

Picked by Alfred Williams

Book: The three-body problem

Descender Volume 4

Picked by Jakob Spjut

Book: Descender Volume 4: orbital mechanics

Better call Saul

Picked by Brian Clinton

Podcast: Revisionist History

Ornament of the World

Picked by John Lewis

Book: Ornament of the world

The Chilbury Ladies Choir

Picked by Mary Kay Knox

Book: The Chilbury ladies choir

Turtles all the way down

Picked by Mary Kay Knox

Book: Turtles all the way down

The magic mountain

Picked by Scott DeShong

Book: The magic mountain

Ender's game

Picked by Sandy Gould

Book:  Ender's game

Her money matters

Picked by Satina Salce

Podcast: Her money matters

Dirty John

Picked by Jenn Cournoyer

Podcast: Dirty John