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Citing Sources - APA Style

This guide will help you properly cite sources in your paper using APA Style.

Reference Page

When creating your Reference page at the end of your paper, remember to incorporate the following rules: 

  • The title should be written as References
    • The title should be centered and in bold
  • Your reference page should start on a new page.
    • While you can press ENTER until it is a new page. Instead, head over to INSERT and select PAGE BREAK. 
  • APA no longer requires Retrieved From in citations. Only post the URL/DOI at the end.
    • The only exception is if it is a website that is constantly updating its information. 
  • If there are multiple authors, do not use et al. All authors must be listed. 
    • Only use et al. in in-text citations.

Reference Page Sample


Bell, Z. E., Fristad, M. A., Youngstrom, E. A., Arnold, L. E., Beauchaine, T. P., Findling, R. L., Birmaher, B., & Horwitz, S. M. (2021). Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder symptoms and externalizing progression in the LAMS study: A test of trait impulsivity theory. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

Chevalier, N. T. (2012). The token economy: Reducing the disruptive and off-task behavior.

DuPaul, G. J., Weyandt, L. L., & Janusis, G. M. (2011). ADHD in the classroom: Effective intervention strategies. Theory into Practice, 50(1), 35–42.

Emser, T. S., Johnston, B. A., Steele, J. D., Kooij, S., Thorell, L., & Christiansen, H. (2018). Assessing ADHD symptoms in children and adults: Evaluating the role of objective measures. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 14(1). 

Fabiano, G. A., & Pyle, K. (2018). Best practices in school mental health for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A framework for intervention. School Mental Health, 11(1), 72–91.

Fiske, K. E., Isenhower, R. W., Bamond, M. J., Delmolino, L., Sloman, K. N., & LaRue, R. H. (2015). Assessing the value of token reinforcement for individuals with autism. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 48(2), 448–453.

Gorenstein, E. E., & Comer, R. J. (2015). Case studies in abnormal psychology. Worth Publishers.

Harrison, J. R., Soares, D. A., Rudzinski, S., & Johnson, R. (2019). Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and classroom-based interventions: Evidence-Based status, effectiveness, and moderators of effects in single-case design research. Review of Educational Research, 89(4), 569–611.

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