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About the QV Library: Library Classroom Calendar

The library classroom serves two primary functions: (1) as a quiet study space for students taking QVCC classes and (2) as a teaching classroom for librarians to provide information literacy instruction sessions to students enrolled in ongoing courses.  To provide ample opportunities for these important learning activities, the library classroom cannot be reserved as a location for regularly scheduled meetings of any course, club, or organization.

QVCC & QMC Faculty & Staff


860.932.4007 or 

Provide course and section information, name of faculty member, date requested, and start- and end-times requested. While every effort will be made to accommodate reservation requests, a minimum of 24 hours notice is preferable to be sure each request is seen, confirmed, and added to the calendar (shown below).


When the library classroom is not reserved for instruction (see the calendar below), it is open to students who prefer a quiet study space.

Be sure to check the library's open hours.

QMC Class Visits

By prior appointment, QMC faculty and the QMC library media specialist may bring classes into the Library for research and the Library Classroom may be reserved for research and information literacy instruction; the Library may not be used as a class study hall. To arrange visits and classroom use, QMC personnel should contact QV library staff in advance. Please see contact information in the top box on this page.

QMC personnel are to be present and assume responsibility for monitoring student behavior during such visits and classroom use.


Library Classroom Calendar