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ENG 101 Composition - Carey: Home

Narrow by asking myself 5 simple questions...

4 minute how-to video by the Ohio State University Libraries explains 5 simple questions that will help you to narrow down your topic quickly: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Background Information

Learn more about your overall topic.  Encyclopedias offer broad overviews and define terms and key concepts, timelines of major dates and events, and coverage of the important issues and people related to the topic.

Evidence from Library Resources

Use "limit to peer review" or "limit to academic journals" to exclude popular magazines and newspapers from the results list.

Every article comes with a suggested MLA citation.

Newspaper Databases

ProQuest Newspapers
Search all 7 newspapers listed below as well as many other major daily newspapers by choosing the “ProQuest Newspapers” link,or focus your search by choosing just one newspaper from this list.


Additional Databases

Evidence from Credible Websites

Suggested Website for various topics

For student seeking information on the 2019  Novel Coronavirus the following websites have been reviewed  by a QVCC Librarian.

Novel Coronavirus is a rapidly evolving situation there it is important to make you evaluate where you find information especially if you are using the web. 

This is an emerging, rapidly evolving situatio and CDC is providing information as it becomes available in addition to updated guidance.

Center for Disease Control Prevention  (CDC) 

        World Health Organization ( WHO)

  • World Health Organization ( WHO)  Coronavirus -  You can find current information and guidance .  Topics included on the webpage are : Protect yourself, Questions & answers, Myth- busters, Travel advice, Situation reports including a short educational video produced by the World Health Organization.

Citing Sources