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Chasing Coral: Home

Chasing Coral

This research guide was developed to provide context and background information on Coral Reef and other topics covered in the NETFLIX  critically acclaimed film documentary Chasing Coral 2017

Photos of Bleached Coral Reefs


These bleached corals in the Gulf of Mexico are the result of increased water temperatures. (Emma Hickerson/NOAA)
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Coral Reefs

  • Coral reefs are among the most diverse and biologically complex ecosystems in the world.
  • One-quarter of all marine life depends on coral reefs for food and shelter.
  •  Healthy coral reefs benefit communities in many ways.
  • People around the world depend on coral reef ecosystems for food, coastal protection, and income from tourism and fisheries.



Chasing Coral’ documents destruction of coral reefs ( Review)

How Coral Reefs Spawn

Chasing Coral

Frequently asked questions about what inspired the making of "Chasing Coral" documentary.

Coral Reef

Coral Diversity

Flower-like clusters of pink polyps make up this coral colony.

Flower-like clusters of pink polyps make up this coral colony. (Photo Collection of Dr. James P. McVey, NOAA Sea Grant Program)




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