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ENG 101 Composition - Diamond - Research Spring 2020: About this Guide

What you'll find here

This guide is designed to help students completing the research paper assignment in English 101 with Steve Diamond.

You do NOT need all of these sources !   Only use what you need.

Look at the assignment:  You must , at a minimum, have the following sources:

  • An essay from Rereading America - remember, your paper is making an argument in response to one of these essays.
  • At least 4 more verifiable, credible sources
    • At least 2 of these must be from these Library resources:
      • magazine or newspaper articles
      • scholarly or academic articles
      • eBooks
  • The remaining sources are your choice - as long as the sources are verifiable and credible

Look at the navigation tabs on the left.  Choose a tab that matches what you are looking for.  Only some of you will decide you need government statistics or public opinion polls.  The Google tips are there to help if you look for sources on the open web.