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ENG 102 Literature and Composition - Kaufman - Research Project Essay

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Biographical Information

Reference eBooks

When do you use REFERENCE Sources?

When you are just getting started and want to find some background information on a science topic?

Reference materials include dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks which provide an overview of a topic or provide you with statistics.

Citing Sources with MLA Citations

Library sources all come with suggested citations! Start there. If you are using a non-library source, these links might help.

Literary Analysis & Biography

Digging Deeper

These databases include many types of articles: scholarly, academic, and popular.

Choose "limit to peer review" or "limit to academic journals" to exclude popular magazines and newspapers from the results.

Be sure to also choose "limit to full-text" so you only get results that will let you access the full article.

All articles come with suggested MLA citations!

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QVCC Learning Center


The QVCC Learning Center has gone viral and now  offers online, real-time appointments via Microsoft Teams. Students can make appointments as usual via  click on Open for Business  ( follow the instructions )  and meet with a consultant via video and text chat. Appointments will be available during the usual hours.