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HSE 147-01 Bissonnette Change Theories & Strategies in Behavioral Health: Home

HSE 147-01

Introduction & Assignment

This course guide for HSE 147 -01Change Theories & Strategies in Behavioral Health   is designed to help students completing the research paper assignment in HSE 147 - Professor Ashley A. Bissonnette.

You do NOT need all these sources! Only use what you need.

Your Research Paper will be completed in two stages:

1. Proposal (5 points): A paragraph describing your research topic (with a well-constructed research question) and a citation page with at least five scholarly sources supporting your research plan. Think of this as your “map” or “outline” for your research paper.

2. Paper (15 points): Once your research topic has been approved, write a paper (between 5-6 pages) analyzing and presenting your findings. Be sure to also include a bibliography, and footnotes to support your documentation.

3. Presentation (10 points): You will present a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation on your research paper findings to the class on Blackboard Collaborate.


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