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Teaching Librarians / CSCU Consortium: Home

NEXT MEETING: F2F March 17, 9:30am, Middlesex CC

We brainstormed ideas for our next meeting.  To focus our discussion on solutions and strategies, we're asking folks to do some minimal prep work between now and 3/17:

1.   Track any issues you have with Primo.  What happened?  If a link is dead, what database caused the issue?  We might be able to request some fixes if we find patterns in the errors.

2.   Identify your favorite search tips to share at the meeting.

3.   If you are using any formal assessment strategies, please share your approach.

4.   If there's time, interest was expressed in each library demonstrating its Primo interface.

*    CHALLENGE:  Winner gets the admiration and wide-eyed wonder of his/her peers.  Is it possible, in one Primo search, to get results that are limited to reference entries in both print and online resources?

LOCATION: Library Instruction Classroom, MXCC Library in Chapman Hall (in the back of the library).  There is an instructor workstation and individual student computers (if needed).   Directions to Middlesex Community College.  

ATTENDING REMOTELY?  Please let Joy Hansen know if you need her to request a call-in speaker phone.