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ENG 102 Literature and Composition - Zowada - Poetry Research Guide: Home

The Assignment

You will choose one of the three writing assignments shown in the navigation tabs to the left for your poetry research paper.

1. You will choose 3-5 poems (see the specific assignment for more instructions). These can be poems in our anthology, poems I post on Blackboard, or poems you locate on your own.

2. You will find 2 relevant, scholarly, full text articles from the QVCC Library databases. These articles will concern the poet(s) whose work you have chosen as well as the aspect of the work identified in the assignment. You are required to use these 2 scholarly, full text articles in your paper. Your paper should include generous use of the articles in the form of direct quotations, paraphrases, and snippets. NOTE: We will have a remote library session on April 24. More details to follow.

3. Your paper will be a collaboration between you and the 2 articles you find. All 3 voices should be present in the paper. Don’t rely solely on the “experts.” I want to hear your ideas, too. Use the articles as springboards for your own interpretations of the poems.

4. Your paper should include specific evidence from the poems to support your ideas. This means you will be quoting from the poems often.

5. Other research may be used but only after you have shared it with me.

6. Your paper should be 5-7 double-spaced typed pages., not including the Works Cited page.

7. Papers should follow MLA format and include a Works Cited page.

Please note that 40% of your grade on this paper will depend on your success in meeting deadlines. The schedule for poetry research paper deadlines is as follows:

Monday, April 20: You should know which of the three assignments you will be doing. You will also need to have chosen your 3-5 poems by this date. Please submit this information through Blackboard. 10 points

Friday, April 24: By the end of class time on Friday and after we have had our library session, you should let me know through Blackboard the titles of the 2 scholarly articles

you found. You should also send me the Works Cited page citations for each of those articles. 10 points

Friday, May 1: Submit through Blackboard the first 2 ½ pages of your poetry research essay. Include a complete Works Cited page. 10 points

Friday May 8: Submit through Blackboard the remainder of your paper. 10 points

Friday, May 15 (Final exam date. Note: class is 1-2:55): Final draft of poetry paper is due.

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