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Adase Final Phase Guide: Home

How many sources do I need ?

This is a two-part answer:

  • Annotate at least 5 sources for the Annotated Bibliography.  
  • For the research paper, use more than 5 total sources to write a well-argued paper with sufficient, credible evidence. (Approx. 7-10 sources.)

Assignment Exemplars

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Argument Paper Outline.

1. Article from a Legitimate Website

2. Contemporary Periodical Article

Required: At least 1 article from a legitimate magazine, newspaper, or newsletter.

3. Database Full-Text Articles

Required: At least 2 full-text articles from a library database.  Peer-reviewed is preferred.

4. Print Books and E-books

Required: 1 chapter or segment from a book.

QV Research - Search Physical Books

Keyword Searching

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