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OER Tools for Librarians: WHY OER?

Strategies, Arguments, Points from Classmates

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Course Discussion Comments:

Karen Neville: Whenever I speak about OER, I am very careful to say that we must start with looking at learning outcomes and how to best reach those outcomes--sometimes OER is the right answer, and sometimes it isn't. I've found that when I approach it in that manner, most faculty are at least receptive to learning more.


Teresa Biegun: The 'ideal' textbook from that initial implementation standpoint  would be one that was perfect, and didn't require any changes. However, that's not even the case with traditional textbooks, because faculty often skip chapters and/or take the chapters out of order as they're teaching with it. One good point about OER is it is very flexible and adaptable to the instructor's and students' needs.

Susan Matter: If college costs were lessened, students would take more courses and we may have more students attending the college, particularly those who are financially disadvantaged. 


Susan Matter: Having ready access to materials as soon as the class starts would increase the numbers of students who successfully complete their academic goals.  Moreover, those students would have a better understanding of the topic and would accordingly receive a better grade.