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OER Tools for Librarians: Empirical Research OER Impact

OER Adoption - Impact

To calculate impact at QVCC, try using this Lumen Learning OER Impact Calculator Tool.

Lumen Learning has additional suggestions in its OER Champion Playbook.

The Open Education Research Hub (OER Hub) are leaders in researching the impact of open educational resources (OER) on teaching and learning practices. Our aim is to raise the quality and profile of research in this field. OER Hub has three key objectives: (MH: meh)

  • Building capacity in the OER research domain
  • Conducting research into open education and OER
  • Producing resources for the open education research community

Open Education Group: OER Research Toolkit (MH: very useful)

The OER Research Toolkit is comprised of the OER Research Guidebook and several additional resources. (Resources listed below without links are coming soon.)

Creation of the OER Research Guidebook was generously supported by the Open Textbook Network.

Open Education Group: The Review Project pulls together abstracts and links to the latest research into efficacy and effectiveness of OER. (mh: a terrific resource for national statistics, feedback, student perceptions and outcomes.). According to OTN OER Cert: "This is a great resource to pull data from during presentations to faculty and administration about the effectiveness and value of OER."


Open Education Group - Guide to Research on OER Adoption. By Hilton, Wiley, Fischer, and Nyland.  See also Open Ed Group's complete toolkit.