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OER Tools for Librarians: Remixing

Which OER Can Be Remixed? CC License Review

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Tools for Remixing

LibreTexts (Links to an external site.) unites students, faculty and scholars in a cooperative effort to develop an easy-to-use online platform for the construction, customization, and dissemination of open educational resources (OER). Find textbooks by searching "Bookshelves" and courseware by searching "Courses."     Ancillary materials vary by subject but include laboratory experiments, case studies, visualizations and simulations, demonstrations and techniques, and more. LibreTexts has a remixer tool that can be used to quickly assemble select parts from different resouces in the LibreText Library -- see the Remixing Tutorial, Chaper 7 of the Construction Guide.  Compatible with BlackBoard and other LMS; see information on importing.