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OER Tools for Librarians: Medical / Allied Health Courses

Medical Terminology Resources

NOTE: Cindi Brassington created an all-open course content for Medical Terminology during spring 2020 and will pilot in summer/fall 2020.

Other resources:

This is an entire listing of OER by subject - tons of Med Term items

Healthcare Terminology - Open Educational Resources by Subject Disciplines - Research Guides at Washtenaw Community College

This free online medical terminology course offered by Des Moines University introduces the student learner to approximately 300 medical terms used by health care practitioners in the medical field.


Medical Terminology | OER Commons

This course introduces nursing students to the language of the Health Sciences and medicine with emphasis on body systems, prefixes, suffixes, root terms, and spelling. Upon completion, students will be able to analyze words structurally and demonstrate a correlation of the word elements with basic anatomy, physiology, and disease processes of the body.