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SPA 101 & 102 Elementary Spanish I & II - MLA Citation Guide for the Latin American Country Presentation: Cite an Image from a Website

Citing Images found on Websites, including images from the CIA World Factbook or an Official Government Website

General Format

Photographer's name or name of artist. Photo of Actual Title of the Image in Italics or if no title given, your own description in

plain text.  Date photo taken, if known. Name of Container or Website, Publisher name if different from name of

website, day Month year, url.


Example: citing a map or flag found on the CIA World Factbook website

Note: In this example, the photographer's name is not provided.  Skip this element and start with the next. 

Photo of Flag of Kazakhstan. The World Factbook. Central Intelligence Agency,

6 April 2020,


Examples: citing images found on a Ministry of Tourism website

Note: In this example, the image was found in a separate photo gallery on the official government tourism website. No photographer's name was provided and the image had no caption or title. When the website does not give a title to an image, create your own description and do not italicize or use quotation marks around your description.  

Photo of wildflowers and mountains in the Almaty Oblast. Kazakhstan: At the Crossroad of the

Worlds. Committee of Tourism Industry of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of



Note: In this example, the image was included in an article found on the website.  Once again, the image had no title, no photo credit was provided, and the photographer's name is not known. You have to create your own description.  Since the URL takes the user to the article, and not directly to the photo, you'll also need to include information about the article in the citation. 

Photo of people dancing at the annual marigold festival. In "Holidays and Festivals throughout the Year." XYZ

Country Festival Calendar, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of XYZ, 8 Feb. 2019, www.xyzculture.gob.en.