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SPA 101 & 102 Elementary Spanish I & II - MLA Citation Guide for the Latin American Country Presentation: Cite an Image from a Photo-Sharing Platform

Images you Find using Google, Pixabay, Wikimedia, and Other Search Engines or Photo Sharing Websites

Never cite Google as a source!  Trace the image down to its original posting, whether that's on a website or blog.  If you are using a photo-sharing website (e.g. Flickr or Wikimedia Commons), trace the image down to the posting-user's photo-sharing page and check their credibility and credentials.


General Format

Photographer's name or name of artist. Photo of Actual Title of the Image in Italics or if no title given, your own description in 

plain text. Date photo taken, if known.  Name of  Container or Website, Publisher name if different from name of

website, day Month year, url.


Example: citing an image found on the the photo-sharing site, Wikimedia Commons

Note: In this example, the photographer gave the image its title, so the title is in italics. Notice there are two dates: the date the photo was taken and the date the photo was posted to Wikimedia.  I traced the user to his Wikimedia page and found that he is a prolific photographer of nature in the area of Kazakstan. I judged his photos to be credible.

Mottl, Dmitry A. Photo of Altay Mountains Kazakhstan Markakol Reserve Kara-Koba River. May

2008. Wikimedia Commons, 3 Feb. 2009,


Example: citing an image found on the the photo-sharing site, Flickr

Note: In this example, there is no known date for the photo; the photographer gave the photograph its title, so the image title is in italics. Flickr is owned by SmugMug.

FernandezDiego. Photo of Chinicuiles. Flickr, SmugMug, Dec. 2017,