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Eng 102: Zowada --Poetry Research Guide: Formal Analysis Option

Formal Analysis Option

Analyze a single element of poetry in the 3-5 poems you have chosen and use that analysis to develop an interpretation of each poem. If you choose this assignment, you should know by Monday, April 20 which element you will be concentrating on. We will discuss metaphor, imagery, voice, and diction in class. There is also symbol, syntax, sound, rhythm and meter, structure, and theme. For this assignment you can pick poems by the same poet or poems by different poets.

Library Databases

Try these search strategies:

  • poet AND poem

    • example: Dorothy Parker AND "A Certain Lady"

    • example: Rita Dove AND "Daystar"

  • poet and poetic technique

    • example: Theodore Roethke AND metaphor



Try these search strategies, then search within an ebook to find the relevant chapter or segment.

  • poet AND poetic technique

    • example: Emily Dickinson AND imagery

    • example: Edgar Allan Poe AND symbolism

    • example: Theodore Roethke AND poetic technique