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ENG 101 Composition - Kaufman - Project #2 An Evaluative Review: Articles & Databases

Recommended Databases- for Finding Film Reviews and Criticism

These databases include many types of articles:  magazine, scholarly, academic, and popular. They are helpful in locating film reviews from popular magazines 

All articles come with suggested MLA 8.  citations!

Research Tip for Academic Search Premier & MasterFile Premier

Use quotation marks around the title of the film. Ex. " Black Panther"  to ensure all words are found close together and your search results yield article about the movie. 

 If you do not place your movie title in quotes you are more likely to see articles with the mention of the word Black or the mention of the word Panther randomly in your search results that do pertain to the movie "Black Panther".

Be sure to search for the   " Movie title" AND Film Review       " Black Panther" AND Film Review

                                          " Movie title" AND   Movie Review    " Black Panther" AND Movie Review

Product Reviews

  • Type in name of product in the first text box
  • Type commercial products -- evaluation. Then at Select a Field (optional) use the drop down menu and select the field SU Subject Terms

Newspaper Databases

Database Tips

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