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COM 173 Public Speaking - Lynch: Evaluating Website

Finding and Evaluating Websites

Finding and Evaluating Websites

The ABCD of Website Evaluation:  Evaluating Webpages for Research.

Anyone anywhere can post anything on the Web, including people and organizations who have ideas and opinions and are not experts on the issues and topics being discussed.  As you are conducting your research for your assignments it is very important to find and use the most credible and reliable information from trusted sources that are reviewed by the appropriate authority before they are published

The ABCD acronym for website evaluation stands for Authority, Bias, Credibility, Date  and Evaluation. This method will help you to evaluate what kind of information the site is providing and to determine if the website is useful and appropriate for your assignment. 

Use the ABCD Source Evaluation Chart below to acquire  the full explanation of the  Authority, Credibility , Date  and Evaluation to help you  learn What should I look for?  Why should I evaluate?  How can I tell?  Where do I look?



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