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COM 173 Public Speaking - Lynch: Search Tips

Search Tips

Which database should you begin with first?   

1. Search  the ProQuest newspaper databases first to locate newspaper articles on your topic . 
 Select ProQuest - U.S. Major Dailies  - contains  five major daily newspapers, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Some of the benefits of using a newspaper database for your assignment include:

  • From your results list, you will see a list of newspaper articles that my be relevant to your research topic. Read the headline  in your results list and select one article, to learn terminology of your chosen topic.

    Example: To begin my search  I chose  the key word "Sustainable Fashion" located this article.  I read the article and learned Fast Fashion is also  another term used to describe this broad subject as well as : "Fast Fashion Industry".   You can now use the new terms you discovered in the text of the article,  in another library database to locate more articles.
  • You can also acquire names of people  ( key experts in the filed), laws, states etc. connected to your issue you can write down and use in the other library databases.

2.   Search one of the hot topic library databases   Issues and Controversies

3.     General Databases - Academic  Search Premier 


Questions, contact the library using the information on the right hand-side of this libguide.