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ENG 096 Intro to College Composition - DeShong: Citing Sources with MLA

What is MLA?

Different academic disciplines use unique styles of writing and documentation. MLA, the style developed by the Modern Language Association, is the primary style used in English and Humanities courses.

For additional citation examples or information regarding MLA style, consult the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 8th edition (available at the QVCC CC library).

Citing Sources with MLA

Library sources all come with suggested citations! Start there. If you are using a non-library source, these links might help.

  • See this Sample MLA Paper adapted from a guide posted by the CT Capital Community College Library
  • See Bristol Community College's Quick Style Guide to MLA-8 in-text citations and works cited lists. 
  • View Purdue Owl's Works Cited list examples.
  • See MLA Style Center Guides and Tutorials.  A complete, MLA manual is available for use at the QVCC Library main desk.
  • Try downloading or printing MLA templates to gather necessary citation elements. 

ASK a Librarian!  That's our job.

Microsoft Word Resources

Sample citation: Occupational Outlook Handbook

TWO Examples from Occupational Outlook Handbook

"Electrical and Electronics Engineers." Occupational Outlook

     Handbook, 2016-17 ed., United States, Department of Labor,

     Bureau of Labor Statistics, 17, Dec. 2015,




" Postsecondary Educational Administrators." Occupational

     Outlook Handbook, United States, Department of  Bureau of

     Labor Statistics, 4 Sept 2019,


MLA 8th Edition 5:54 mins. from Citrus College