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ENG 101 Kauffman -Composition: Project 3: Annotated Bibliography

Project 3 : Annotated Bibliography

ENG 101: Composition Project 3: Annotated Bibliography • Dr. Kaufman • Fall 2020

Project: Compose an annotated bibliography that provides annotations (summaries) detailing the sources used for your Project 4: Research Paper (see that specific course handout for directions for the research essay on technology).


  • Annotate at least seven (7) sources of information used for your research paper and compose a bibliography that includes the annotations and MLA-formatted citations.

  • At a minimum, please provide citations and annotations for these seven sources:

    1 & 2): Two Sources )from the Research Project Resources Folder: Use two sources of information provided by the instructor located in this specific folder in the Course Content area.

    3): One Database Full-text Article: These are essays or articles found on a library database (peer-review preferred). The article must come from a database and not from a web search.

    4): One e-Book or e-Reference book or Reference book or Book: Information found in a book chapter or an entry in a digital reference or e-book. This could be an electronic encyclopedia used for background information. A printed book or reference book can be used in place of a digitally-published book.

    5): One Media Source: One media resource such as a film on DVD, a television program about technology (news program preferred), a TEDTalk, a documentary, or a film-on demand, viewed and analyzed for this project.

    6): One valid and authored online Internet source: A .gov or .edu site is preferred; .com can be used if it's for a magazine or newspaper site; .org can be used if the site is a non- profit organization.

  • Each annotation/summary should be at least 5 sentences long but not more than 10 sentences. Annotations are like summaries. Summary writing will be discussed in class.

  • Above each summary, provide an MLA 8 citation for the article or source material, as it would appear in your Works Cited page (see formatting guidelines at the Purdue OWL website for MLA formatting styles).

  • If you include a direct quote in your annotation, include the page number if there is one noted (in parenthesis) within the summary.

    Paper Preparation & Grading: Please follow MLA 8 guidelines for all formatting and citation parameters. This project will be assessed by rubric (posted on Blackboard).


    • Check with your instructor to make sure your topic works for this assignment • Follow the directions
    • Review the model/sample annotated bib posted on Blackboard
    • Use a thesaurus/dictionary to enhance the language in your project

    • Run spell check and grammar check often when composing your paper
    • Meet with an online Learning Center tutor to discuss your project and to review your papers • Start on this project ASAP

    Due: Dates will be announced in class and then posted on Blackboard.