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ENG 101 Kauffman -Composition: Project 4: Research Paper

Project 4: Research Paper

ENG 101: Composition • Project 4: Research Paper • QVCC • Kaufman • Fall 2020

Project Directions: Write a 5- to 7-page essay—an argument—that makes a point or takes a stand about an issue or idea focused on modern technology. The essay should be supported with expert opinion, data, general statistics, and examples taken from at least six sources.


Possible Topic: Conduct research about an important topic or issue on modern technology. Make an argument supporting or opposing what other writers say about that topic. Possible topics could include:

• Discuss the impact, importance, benefit, or danger of a specific modern technology on the world today and argue if the effect will be good or bad. • View a film that focuses on modern technology or artificial intelligence (check with the instructor on your film choice first) and then discuss the impact that technology has on the human characters portrayed. Argue if your research suggests that the portrayal of the technology or AI is correctly illustrated in the film.

• Research transhumanism and the human enhancement movement. Discuss how smart prosthetics, or genetic manipulation, or other human/technological augmentations will change human beings in the future, and argue if these changes will be good or bad.

• Research predictions about the development of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) and argue if this technology will be beneficial or not for most humans.

• Find a topic regarding future technology in the field, profession, or industry you plan to work in, and argue if that emerging technology will be beneficial or not.

Research Required: In your research paper, incorporate quotations, paraphrased evidence and examples, and summarized information from at least six sources of information, broken down as follows:

1 & 2): Two Sources from the Research Project Resource Folder: Use two sources of information provided by the instructor located in this specific folder in the Course Content area.

3): One Database Full-text Article: These are essays or articles found on a library database (peer-review preferred). The article must come from a database and not from a web search.

4): One e-Book or e-Reference book or Reference book or Book: Information found in a book chapter or an entry in a digital reference or e-book. This could be an electronic encyclopedia used for background information. A printed book or reference book can be used in place of a digitally-published book.

5): One Media Source: One media resource such as a film on DVD, a television program about technology (news program preferred), a TEDTalk, a documentary, or a film-on demand, viewed and analyzed for this project.

6): One valid and authored online Internet source: A .gov or .edu site is preferred; .com can be used if it's for a magazine or newspaper site; .org can be used if the site is a nonprofit organization.

Paper Preparation & Grading: Please follow MLA 8 guidelines for all formatting and citation parameters.

This project will be assessed by rubric (posted on Blackboard). Suggestions: Check with your instructor to make sure your topic works for this assignment;

Follow the directions; Use a thesaurus/dictionary; Start on this project ASAP; Use the Learning Center and meet with a tutor to review your paper

 Due: Dates will be posted on Blackboard