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ENG 101 Composition - Andersen - Personal / Political Research Essay: Contemporary Periodical Articles

Newspaper Articles

Academic and Scholarly Articles

These library resources include many types of articles: scholarly and academic--including some that are peer-reviewed--and popular (such as newspapers and magazines).

Choose the " limit to peer review" or " limit to academic journals" to excluded popular magazines and newspapers from the results.

Be sure to also choose "limit to full to full-text" so you only get results that will let you access the full article. 

All articles come with suggested  MLA citations!

Peer Review in 3 Minutes

This video was created by the North Carolina State University Libraries and shared on the LibNSCU Youtube Channel.

Keyword- How to Search Successfully in a Library Resource (2:24 mins)

Ray W. Howard Library ;Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial .