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ENG 101 Composition - Andersen - Personal / Political Research Essay: Citing Sources with MLA

Citing Sources with MLA

Library sources all come with suggested citations! Start there. If you are using a non-library source, these links might help.

  • See this Sample MLA Paper adapted from a guide posted by the CT Capital Community College Library
  • See Bristol Community College's Quick Style Guide to MLA-8 in-text citations and works cited lists. 
  • View Purdue Owl's Works Cited list examples.
  • See MLA Style Center Guides and Tutorials.  A complete, MLA manual is available for use at the QVCC Library main desk.
  • Try downloading or printing MLA templates to gather necessary citation elements. 

Got questions? Ask a Librarian! 

MLA 9th Edition Video from Citrus College

Watch this 8-minute video explaining MLA citation style, created by Josh Vossler for Citris College's Hayden Memorial Library.