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ENG 101 Composition - Adase - Fall 2021: Media Bias

Fact Checking - Full List (create subsets for teaching)

  • AFP FactCheck -  journalists investigate and disprove false information, focusing on items that can be harmful, impactful and manipulative.
  • Climate Feedback - network of scientists investigating claims about and media coverage of climate change.
  • Factcheck -- nonpartisan and nonprofit, "aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics"
  • Hoax-Slayer - debunks email and social media hoaxes; posts news about internet scams.
  • NPR Fact Check - National Public Radio's current and archived articles fact-checking statements of politicians.
  • Politifact​-- sponsored by the Tampa Bay Times, an independent newspaper, this website "checks claims by elected officials, candidates, leaders of political parties and political activists." 
  • Pundifact -- also sponsored by the Tamba Bay Times, specifically checking claims made by "pundits" or the so-called experts and opinion makers frequently interviewed on news programs
  • Quote Investigator -  Respected quote-investigaor Garson O’Toole provides citations to support his conclusions about quote attributions.
  • SciCheck - sponsored by FactCheck.Orf, identifies false or misleading scientific claims.
  • Snopes -- well-respected website that gets to the bottom of urban legends and national rumors.
  • Truth Be Tolda non-profit, non-partisan, sponsored by Howard University’s Department of Media, Journalism and Film in the School of Communications, examines claims about the black community in public debate. 
  • Washington Post Fact Checker - Award-winning fact-checking website, goal is to "truth-squad" statements made by elected officials and government leaders.

Media Bias Interactive Tool

Interactive Media Bias Chart, developed by AdFontes Media

Screenshot of Interactive Media Bias Chart

Social Media

Media Watchdogs

The following organizations monitor and evaluate journalism and reporting, checking for bias and accuracy.  Most have their own bias, as indicated.

Accuracy in Media (AIM): perspective is "conservative" or right-leaning

Fairness And Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR): perspective is "progressive" or left-leaning

Media Matters for America:  perspective is "progressive" or left-leaning

Media Research Center: perspective is "conservative" or right-leaning

PEW Center on Journalism & Media - nonpartisan research on journalism and news audiences