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Latin American Country Presentation AND Day of the Dead & Tradition: Your Country : Official Websites

Resources for (1) El Día de los Muertos Altar display, (2) Mid-Semester Outline & Sources, and (3) Final Presentation


Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism strengthens, preserves, and conserves the art, culture, and heritage of  a country. 

Using Google or your favorite Internet search engine search for  Name of Country ] Ministry of Tourism. 

Look at the results list carefully to be sure you use the official ministry website.  Get official marketing information about unique places, cultural events, attractions, and unique traditions. You will often find lots of colorful images here as well.

Gather the information needed to cite this source.





What is an Embassy?

 An embassy is located right in the heart of the capital city of the receiving state, and it is headed by an ambassador, and houses the offices where representatives work.  The reason why embassies are located in the capital city is to make them easily accessible to their citizens in case of an emergency, such as during a war. All the main diplomatic talks between two countries are held in embassies especially when the discussions involve sensitive matters like wars and trade. The ambassador plays a substantial role in all of this as he/she is the spokesperson of the foreign country. Their work is to protect the interests of their land in the receiving country as well as acting as the intermediaries during negotiations. They report directly to their presidents back at home. (


Using Google or your favorite search engine search for Name of Country ] embassy United States. Look at the results carefully.  

Choose your country's embassy in the United States.  Here you will find official information about your country, published by that country's government, and in the English-language. Gather the information needed to cite this source.

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