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About the QV Library

Study Room Policies

  • Reservations may be made up to 7 days in advance.  To provide the broadest possible access to Library study rooms, multiple bookings (e.g., same time slot, daily, weekly) are not allowed. 
  • Consecutive reservations are prohibited; students may not reserve two consecutive two-hour time slots. 
  • Group Reservations limited to 2 persons: Individual QVCC students in a group may not reserve consecutive time periods, effectively locking up one room for multiple time periods.  
  • Room Renewal: Room reservations may be renewed within 10 minutes of the end of a booking time if no one else is waiting for the room.  Students must check with the staff at the library service desk to request renewal. 
  • No Shows: Not showing up within 10 minutes of a study room reservation time cancels the reservation. 
  • Early Departure: Individuals or groups who leave a study room before the end of a reservation time should notify staff at the library service desk that the room is available. 
  • Persons using a study room without a reservation may be told to leave the room. 
  • Food and Drink: Snacks and covered beverages are allowed in all areas of the library, including the study rooms. 
  • Maximum capacity: No more than six (6) persons may use a study room at one time.