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About the QV Library

Tech Studio Policy

The Tech Studio

Acceptable Use Policy

Reservation Slots:

QVCC students, faculty, and staff are allowed to reserve the Tech Studio up to 2-hour increments at the Library desk.

QVCC Student Use:

QVCC students’ use of the Tech Studio needs to be based on an assignment from a QVCC instructor. Students cannot use this Tech Studio for recreational or personal use.  

New-User Orientation:

First-time users of the Tech Studio will need at least a 15 minute on-boarding session to familiarize themselves with the equipment. Additional training is always an option for those who are new to video recording.

Consecutive Reservations:  

Individual QVCC students, faculty, and staff in a group may not reserve consecutive time periods—effectively locking up the Tech Studio for multiple time periods. Exceptions may be considered upon approval from the Library Staff.

Room Renewal:  

Room reservations may be renewed within 10 minutes of the end of a booking time if no one else is waiting for the room. Students must check with the staff at the Library desk to request renewal. 

No Shows:  

Not showing up within 10 minutes of the Tech Studio reservation time cancels the reservation. 

Early Departure:

Individuals or groups who leave the Tech Studio before the end of a reservation time should notify staff at the Library desk that the room is available. Persons using the Tech Studio without a reservation may be asked to leave the room. 

Food and Drink:

No food or drink are allowed into the Tech Studio.

Maximum capacity:

No more than 3 persons may use the Tech Studio at one time.

Damage to Studio:

Users of the Tech Studio will be responsible for any damage, including but not limited to: the spilling of liquids; the negligent handling of equipment, including damage to monitors, keyboards, furniture, etc; and the installation and/or running of harmful or unapproved software.

Disruptive Behavior:

Users of the Tech Studio are subject to QVCC policies, including but not limited to the Student Code of Conduct and the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy. The Library Staff reserves the right to ask individuals who are behaving in an inappropriate or disruptive manner to leave the Tech Studio. Repeat violators may be barred from the Tech Studio. Disruptive behavior violations will be documented and reported to the Campus Associate Dean of Student Development and Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Services.