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ENG 101 Composition - Thomas: Ramp Up Your Tech Skills

Ramp Up Your Tech Skills

Ramp Up Your Tech skills is a libguide that provides you step by step guides to critical technology skills for QVCC Students. 
 The skills are critical for student success. 

Learn How to OR Refresh your skills regarding one or several of the following :

  • QVCC- Make QV Your Start Up Page
  • MyCommNet
  • Blackboard-Pro Tips
  •  College Email- How to Access and Use QVCC College Email
  • Office 365 - Office 365 FREE Download,
  • MS Teams
  • Wifi & Web Browsers - How to Connect, Set Your Start Up or Homepage, How to Clear Browser  Cache
  • Word-  How to access Word Online, How to Save Manually, Autosave- How to Save Automatically, Version History- Find and Restore Older Versions of Your Work, Find Your Saved Files

And so much more!