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COM 173: Public Speaking: Google & More

Internet Search Engines & Indexes

Google is great, we know.  But there are more and sometimes better options out there.

Websites by Field of Study

These recommendations will get you started. Use your favorite search engine to find more.

Evaluate Websites

Better Googling

News: Use Google’s menu bar! Limit your results to news sources: newspapers, television news, radio news, news blogs,

Newspapers: Find the correct URL for the newspaper you want to search and use the site command to tell Google you only want results from that website.  For example,

  • [ School bullying ] will give you results only from the Boston Globe
  • [ school funding ] will give you Hartford Courant articles about the recent court decision on Connecticut’s school-funding inequities

Focus your results by time: Looking for something that was in the news last week? Last year? Need to know about events that happened two years ago? Use Google’s Search Tools button to define the start-date and end-date for your results.

Use Google’s advanced search strategies to find results from any specific type of website. For example,

  • To find government statistics when you don’t know which government agency has the information, try:
    • [ Crime statistics ] or [education statistics ]
  • To find what some scholars are saying about wind turbines, try:
    • [ wind turbines]
  • To find a power point describing wind energy, try:
    • [ wind energy file:.pptx ]
  • Combine advanced tools to narrowly focus your results, for example:
    • [ wind energy file:.pptx
  • Found a terrific website and need to find another on the same topic? Copy the URL for the first site (for example, and then tell Google to look for similar sites:

[ related: ]