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Country Presentation Research Guide: Home

Your Country: Facts & Backbround

Your Country: Official Websites

  • Using Google or your favorite Internet search engine, search for Name of Country ] Ministry of Tourism.  Look at the results list carefully to be sure you use the official ministry website.  Get official marketing information about unique places, cultural events, attractions, and unique traditions. You will often find lots of colorful images here as well. Gather the information needed to cite this source.
  • Using Google or your favorite search engine, search for Name of Country ] embassy United States. Look at the results carefully.  Choose your country's embassy in the United States.  Here you will find official information about your country, published by that country's government, and in the English-language. Gather the information needed to cite this source.

Your Country: Tourist Destinations & Local Festivals

TRAVEL SITES: You might want to look for legitimate travel websites for information and images. Be sure to verify what you find--check the information and images with official government websites, the CIA World Factbook, or encyclopedia resources.

Find Images

Below are image-sharing websites.  Be sure to use Google's reverse image search to check accuracy! Drill down and find out about the photographer, too.  Should you trust that the image is really what s/he claims it is? Gather the information needed to cite these sources.

Citing Sources

Finding and Evaluating Websites

YOU are responsible for evaluating the credibility of any source you find on your own. The credibility of images is your responsibility, too. Photo management sites do not assume responsibility for accuracy or authenticity. Try the ABCD method to evaluate source credibility.

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