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ENG 101 Composition

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Annotated Bibliography for MLA

An annotated bibliography works similar to a Works Cited page. 

However, after each citation, there will be additional information explaining:  

  • summary or personal evaluation (or both) of the source.  
  • How this source will be useful in the research.  

Each instructor will have their own personal preference on the kind of MLA Annotated Bibliography they want. Make sure to consult with your instructor. Below is an example of a two-paragraph MLA 9th Edition Annotated bibliography that provides both summary and evaluation.  

To create an Annotated Bibliography, break it down into three categories:

1. Summary 2. Reflection 3. Usefulness

While MLA typically recommends only making one paragraph, it is perfectly acceptable to break it up into multiple paragraphs is the annotation requires more than a summary. 

Section Function Example

Provides a summary of what you read.

Be as brief and general as possible

Hovet and Hovet focus their article on how Harper Lee uses voices of her characters in the novel to convey how racism is linked to gender and class oppression. In particular, these voices contend with each other—conveying a sense that there are people in the South who will fight for equality, but at the same time, acknowledge that sexism and classism also play a prominent role in everyday life in Maycomb. Overall, Hovet and Hovet believe the voices in Mockingbird display much more complexities in Maycomb beyond black vs white.

What makes this article credible? 

Are there any issues that need to be noted? 

The article does a good job elaborating on a complicated themes of sexism and classism and how they are integrated also into the issue of racism. The article provides plenty of examples of sexism and classism in the novel as well as supply primary quotes to back up their claims. However, while there is a long list of Further Readings, the authors did not reference many of those sources directly to back up their claims. Citing more authors directly into their argument would further strengthen their points.
Usefulness In your opinion, how will this article be useful in your research?  The article will be useful to any researchers who are interested in how racism can be deeply rooted to systematic sexism and classism.

Finally merge it all into one paragraph: 

When formatting an annotated bibliography, make sure the following elements are met: 

  • The section, on a new page, is labeled Annotated Bibliography, and it is in bold. 
  • Each citation has an Hanging Indent 
  • The paragraph under the citation is indented by 1"
    • You can also press TAB to move the whole paragraph over 1"
  • If the citation requires multiple paragraphs, make sure to indent each paragraph. If there is just one paragraph, do not intent the paragraph. 
  • Make sure all the material is Double Spaced